Painted Trees

Street art, gallery art, kids art, building art… it’s all here on the island.  But to find an ongoing project made from living trees, on a small road leading to a beach at the west end of the island, was truly surprising.  There are no signs explaining who the artist is, what inspires him/her, their ‘view’ of the project.  It’s simply  a creative expression using what is in place with some paint embellishments and a little stone work.


Obviously the artist is inspired by octopus. And the tree roots create a natural opportunity to make art from what is in place.


I’m fairly confident that all the materials are found on or around the site.  There are rock walls built from sand and dirt grouting, then painted white and black, oh and some other colours too.  There are walk ways leading to trees in the design process and not completed as yet.  There are railings made from head and foot boards from a child’s bed.  The palapa leaves are those that have fallen from the palms in the area, no special effort to make them fit, they are simply draped over the frame which is made from deadwood found, I’m sure, all around on the ground. .


And this face, well it seems very spiritual and something quite special.  If you find this little art park, look all around, there are secret things painted everywhere.  You just need to look.  One of the truly wonderful things about this island is finding these treasures when you are out for a Sunday Drive.

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